We Are a New Full Service Film Production Company

Brandelito Films a Budapest-based production company, was founded by two Hungarian film professionals in 2021. The founders, Tibor Horváth and Dániel Erdélyi have experience of filmmaking for over 30 years, many genre in the field of local and international film productions. They worked in and produced commercials, videoclips, tv-series, short and feature films, and documentaries. Brandelito Films' mission is to help and service international productions in Hungary, help them find the benefits of the Hungarian film industry, locations and local talents.

Production services

We offer full line production service for film and video projects from pre-production to final wrap. Our services include planning, coordinating your production and producing content on your behalf. 

We help you to find the right film locations for your production with professional scouting and from our database. In Hungary you can find large variety of environments, with unique and European atmosphere as well. We arrange location permits and security, to serve the most comfortable shooting.

With many professional talent agencies in Budapest, we can find the faces best fit for your new projects, from professional to amateur actors, extras belonging to any ethnic or age group. 

In the recent years Hungary has been the home of many international mega productions. Thanks to these strong industrial boom, by today all departments are full of experienced, english speaking professionals, so we can work with the best local crews in the region, to meet industry highest level.    

We have partnership with the local rental houses to be able to supply you camera and lighting equipment. A large variety of equipment is available to accommodate any of your film or television production needs. All local technology is up to date and top of the line.

Locations in Hungary

Thanks to it’s continental climate it has four well defined seasons and up to 16 hours of daylight during the summer. Being located in the center of Europe, Hungary provides a very diverse array of locations ranging from classical to modern architecture in the larger cities, quaint countryside villages, ​breathtaking rivers, lakes, forests and nature in general. 
Hungary is bursting with locations that could be​ anywhere in the world and they are all within a maximum of 2,5 hours drive from the capital - Budapest. Even the capital itself is popping with amazing locations fr​om unique thermal baths to gorgeous cafes and restaurants, interesting streets and buildings both in the downtown and in new, modern quarters. We have everything from the classical gothic and renaissance buildings to soviet era blocks and recently built, glass and metal office buildings.

Among the dozens of various stages, 15 state-of-the-art sound stages, watertank (from 100 sqm to 1790 sqm), a New York backlot and all supporting facilities on the premises of Origo, Astra and Korda Studios provide excellent shooting conditions with stage areas ranging from 1000 sqm until 6.000 sqm. 

Tax rebate

Films (for cinema and television) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30% rebate based on their expenditure (all the direct film production costs) emerged in the country. The scheme is part of the film support programme approved by the European Commission until 31st of December 2025 with a budget of EUR 402 million. The incentive is available through local business companies who receive tax relief after their support of films or through the Collection Account operated by the Hungarian National Film Fund. The incentive is guaranteed by the Hungarian state through the Collection Account.The financial support is provided in the form of a cash refund (post-financing).The incentive is up to 30% of the eligible production expense (Hungarian or not-Hungarian). The non-Hungarian eligible spend is capped at 25% of the Hungarian eligible spend.

• Films of all genres made for cinema release
• Feature films, series, documentaries and animations made for televisions or other distribution platforms
• Porn and extreme violent films, commercials, reality shows and daily soap operas and scripted realities are excluded 

• Films applying for the incentive have to be submitted to a cultural test • Films must contain European content or cultural values and additional points are granted if EU nationals are either making or financing the movie (point system)
• 16 points has to be earned to pass 

• Hungarian companies, registered with the National Film Office (NFO) are eligible to apply
• Foreign companies should conclude coproduction or service agreements with Hungarian registered company
• Production has to be registered at NFO
• Start of filming has to be reported to NFO 

• Corporate-tax-paying domestic companies that may reduce their tax payable and tax base by the financial support they provide (double write- off) – a maximum of 7,5% incentive available • The financial support is provided in the form of a cash refund (post- financing)
• Film producing companies can request the support from the collection account of the Hungarian National Film Fund (it may charge a maximum administration fee equal to 2.5% of the subsidy granted)

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